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1. Had a good time with Hello Cargo Packers & Movers ? At your place
Q) How did executive handle your queries? Wow Good Avg
1. Time taken for presentation
2) Lack of service/product knowledge
3) satisfaction
4) Attitude & behavior
Q) How did packers handle your goods? Wow Good Avg
1) Honest
2) On in time
3) Responsiveness to your needs
4) Way of packing
Q) How did Hello Cargo Packers & Movers crew? Wow Good Avg
1) Co-opeartive
2)Team Dynamic
3) Time management
4) Enthusiastic
2. At your delivery time/place. Wow Good Avg
1) Delivery of your goods on in time
2) Response of transport status
3) Your goods security
4) Response of your every call
3. Let's talk about services Wow Good Avg
1) Quality
2) Price compare to others from same
3) Delivery
4) Transportation
5) Service after delivery

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